How it works?

Online or at Pickup Points

  • Book online, contact us or meet us at our Pickup Points;
  • Pay when booking online or at the luggage pickup;
  • Reservation can be changed, please contact our Customer Service.

Pickup and transport

  • Pickup at Porto Airport or anywhere in the city;
  • Deliver your luggage at our Pickup Points, in case you don´t have a reservation;
  • Luggage storage for all the time you need;
  • Luggage transport to anywhere you need it to be.

Safe and reliable

  • Bags are sealed in your presence, with uniquely numbered security straps;
  • Each bag is ensured up to €1000;
  • No risk of delay, our storage space is right next to the airport;
  • Customer Service available every day, between 09:00AM and 07:00PM.

Enjoy the most

  • Your time at your disposal;
  • Save in travel expenses, you no longer have to carry your bags;
  • Traval and visit places without having to worry about your bags;
  • Uncomplicated arrivals and departures.

Your luggage waiting for you

  • At the airport, just go to the check-in;
  • At the hotel, when you arrive it’s all set;
  • At your home or were you desire, with great comfort and stress free.

Where to find us?

Next to you.
Check our luggage pickup points.

Check points